La Música No Se Toca de Alejandro Sanz


Se Vende

Alejandro Sanz

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Label: Universal Music Spain S.L.
Alejandro Sanz is the kind of singer who can make you believe in anything. Think you're too cynical for big, heart-soaring anthems riddled with gospel choir swells? Think again, amigo. The Queenly "Se Vende" will have that telltale ticker in your throat. Not a fan of soft-focus, candlelit slow dance jams? The flamenco-warmed beats of "No Me Compares" will have you looking for love. Adult-contemporary rockers, lightly funky jams, tango accordions and a whole lot more of that gospel choir: Alejandro's got it covered and that husky, sensual, cantaore-cut voice will convert you.

À propos de cet album


À propos de cet album

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