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Dead Prez

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Label: Loud Records
Throughout the late '90s, conscious hip-hop implied not only a certain political bent, but also a sonic aesthetic: dusty grooves, post-Premo drums and patchouli-soaked soul. But with Let's Get Free, Brooklyn's dead prez changed all that. The music here is loud, gritty N.Y.C. street hop, full of rattling snares and murky, minor-chord samples. Emcees stic.man and M-1 match the music's grit. On "They Schools," they compare education to slavery and conclude that "cracker" teachers can "suck my dick while "Police State" finds the crew suggesting that we "organize the wealth into a socialist economy." This is classic hip-hop agrit-prop.

À propos de cet album


À propos de cet album

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