Cooleyhighharmony - Expanded Edition de Boyz II Men


Uhh Ahh

Boyz II Men

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Label: Hip-O Select
If somehow you hadn't noticed new jack swing by the early '90s, you can bet you did after Boyz II Men's debut dropped. More specifically, you were paying attention to this Philly group's particular brand of vintage doo-wop and cutting-edge hip-hop. The Boyz' densely layered harmonies, charming camaraderie and, especially, ability to make anything -- an ultra-emotive ballad, a candlelit booty jam, a hip-hop jam -- sound winning made Cooleyhighharmony a massive commercial success. If you've never sung into your hairbrush to "End of the Road" or busted a move to "Motownphilly," we question your humanity.

À propos de cet album


À propos de cet album

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