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Me Voy

Paulina Rubio

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Label: Universal Music Spain S.L.
Like every other early 2010s pop star, Paulina Rubio has been bitten by the clubby dance-pop bug. And why not? She's got the voice (light, unobtrusively sexy) and the (diva) presence to pull it off. But while that material is pleasant and danceable (especially lead single "Me Gustas Tanto"), it feels a bit standoffish. The English tracks are particularly lackluster. The second half finds her branching out -- and warming up -- as she duets with Taboo, preens and prances through the vallenato-laced "Me Voy" and fetchingly coos across the sweeping synths of ballad "Que Estuvieras Aqui."

À propos de cet album


À propos de cet album

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