Sex Therapy: The Experience de Robin Thicke


I Got U

Robin Thicke

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Label: The Neptunes
It seems Robin Thicke has finally decided that if he can't beat the artists he's constantly compared to, he oughtta just join 'em. The title track is steeped in Maxwell, and he addresses the JT factor head-on with bangers like "Shakin' It 4 Daddy." And his response to the Marvin Gaye comparisons? "Million Dollar Baby" -- pretty much a cover of "Trouble Man" with different lyrics. But he still puts plenty of his own spin on the blue-eyed neo-soul thing: See the samba-fied "Start with a Kiss" and "Mrs. Sexy," a boudoir booty jam so corny/great only the son of Alan Thicke could pull it off.

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À propos de cet album

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